IRSA Members

Our members are made up of those engaged in the medical subspecialty, Interventional Radiology. They are either actively practising, in training, or a member by association i.e. nurse or radiographer.

Recognition of Members

Gold Medal Awards

The IRSA Gold Medal is the highest accolade to be awarded by the Interventional Radiology Society of Australasia. The Executive at their discretion, may award the Gold Medal to any person who has rendered outstanding service or benefactions to the development, teaching, or practice of interventional radiology in Australasia and/or New Zealand. The award shall be made on in accordance with guidelines determined by the IRSA Executive.

Gold Medal Award Recipients

Gold Medal Winner 2021 – Prof. Tim Buckenham

Gold Medal Winner 2016 – Dr Kevin Bell

Gold Medal Winner 2013 – Dr Robert Allen

Gold Medal Winner 2007 – Prof. Ken Thomson

Gold Medal Winner – 2006 – Dr Brian Parkinson

Gold Medal Winner 2005 – Dr Geoffrey Reeves

IRSA Honorary Life Members

2019IRSA Uluru
Dr Laura Findeiss, Dr Kelvin Hong
2017IRSA Port Douglas
Prof Otto van Delden, Dr David Sacks, Dr Venu Vadlamudi, Dr Jeff Carpenter
2016IRSA Queenstown
Dr Raman Uberoi,  Dr Colin Nice
2015IRSA Bali
Dr David Breen,  Dr Lindsay Machan,  Dr Tan Bien Soo,  Dr Tay Kiang Hiong
2014IRSA Queenstown
Dr Andy Platts
2013IRSA Broome
Dr Marco Manzi,  Dr Nigel Hacking,  Professor Michael Lee,  Dr Hugo Rio Tinto
2012IRSA Queenstown
Professor Peter Gaines