APSCVIR meet regularly to encourage international exchange of knowledge vital to cardiovascular and interventional radiology among radiologists, interventional radiologists and individuals in related countries of the Asia Pacific region.

IRSA holds Organisational Membership with APSCVIR which provides IRSA with the following benefits:

  1. Reduced registration fees for the Society Annual Scientific Meeting
  2. Reduced registration fees for endorsed programmes of organisational member societies.
  3. Opportunity to participate as faculty in Outreach programmes.

APSCVIR membership Fee

IRSA members interested in APSCVIR membership can apply directly to ASPCVIR and will have their annual fee paid by IRSA. To join APSCVIR, please click here:


APSCVIR representation

IRSA has 2 executive committee representatives on APSCVIR

These are nominated by IRSA to represent the best interests of IR in Australia and New Zealand as well as within the Asia Pacific region. The nominees must be members in good standing with APSCVIR.

The IRSA APSCVIR representatives shall consist of:

1) President of IRSA^

2) Representative from the other country that the president resides in*

^The president may elect to nominate a representative should he/she decide to decline the position on the APSCVIR EC.

*Should there be no availability of a representative from the other country then the IRSA executive may decide to appoint another representative from either Australia or New Zealand.

It is expected that at least 1 of the 2 representatives will attend each APSCVIR executive committee meeting (typically 2 per year).

IRSA agrees to fund economy return flights to each APSCVIR EC meeting for 1 attendee and accommodation to the value of AUD$300 per night for the duration of the meeting. The 2 representatives will determine whom shall attend. Should the representatives receive funding from other sources then funding from IRSA will not be applicable. There will be funding available for a maximum of 2 meetings per year. Should additional meeting(s) be required funding will be at the discretion of the IRSA executive.

Current Representatives to the EC

IRSA would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Marcus Mykytowycz who will complete his 2-year term as IRSA representative to APSCVIR at their AGM in May 2022. Marcus is being replaced by Dr Brigid Connor,

Dr Connor is currently a Consultant Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist at Auckland City Hospital and has been a partner at ARG since 2011. She was one of the first New Zealand Radiologists to be awarded the European Board of Interventional Radiology. She has particular interest and expertise in vascular imaging and image guided procedures.