We are pleased to announce that after much hard work, a new MBS item (35401) for vertebroplasty for the treatment of a painful thoracolumbar vertebral compression fracture of the thoracolumbar spinal segment (T11, T12, L1 or L2) in patients where pain is severe and has had a duration of three weeks or less, symptoms are poorly controlled by opiate therapy and there is MRI (or SPECT-CT if MRI is unavailable) evidence of acute vertebral fracture has now been listed.

This change will mean that patients will receive Medicare rebates for clinically relevant vertebroplasty services.

For more information on the item listing please view the Department of Health Fact sheet click here

What does this mean for providers?

As part of the listing of the item, IR’s who perform vertebroplasty on private inpatient or public outpatient utilising the MBS item number should be registered with and provide relevant service data to the Vertebroplasty Registry (the Registry) managed by IRSA.

If you are an IR and perform this procedure on private inpatient or public outpatient please contact the IRSA secretariat to register as a contributor to the Registry.  Email – secretariat@irsa.com.au

IRSA is required to seek ethics and governance approval at your site for you to collect date and add it to the Regstry. For more information on sites that have been approved, please visit https://irsa.com.au/participating-sites/