IRSA Vertebroplasty MBS Service Registry Management Committee

IRSA has set up a Vertebroplasty Management Committee to manage responsibilities as required by the Department of Health in relation to the Vertebroplasty Service Registry for the provision of funded vertebroplasty services.

The Management Committee will:

  • Govern the Monitor
  • Provide day to day management of the Monitor
  • Perform the role of data custodian
  • Communicate with centres where the service is provided
  • Ensure adherence to patient confidentiality, ethics approvals and data collection practices as noted in the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care’s Framework for Australian Clinical Quality Registries
  • Provide requested data to the Department of Health (in six-monthly intervals for the lifetime of the Registry.
  • Manage any risks associated with the Monitor and provide details to the Department, as necessary, on mitigation strategies

Please refer to attachment (Memorandum of Understanding – link?) for details of IRSA’s requirements, as required by the Department of Health, in relation to the formation and management of the ‘Monitor’.

Members of the Management Committee are:

Dr John Vrazas 

Chair of the Committee. John is a vastly experienced interventional radiologist who has trained in both Australia and the United States. Past president of IRSA and long-time member of the IRSA executive.

A/Prof Terry Diamond                 

Experience clinical and academic endocrinologist. Author of three vertebroplasty trials. Expert advisor to the IRSA MSAC application of vertebroplasty. Founder of the Sydney Osteoporosis Support Association.

Kristine Carroll – Patient advocate

Kristine is a registered nurse with 40-years of experience in nursing. Her mother and mother-in-law have both had vertebroplasties in the past. She understands vertebroplasty and is well versed in all aspects of patient care from a nursing perspective.

Dr Helen Kavnoudias   

Research Director Radiology. Alfred Hospital Melbourne. Medical research scientist who is co-ordinating establishment, ethics and data collection for the vertebroplasty registry.

Dr Nick Repin

Experienced interventional radiologist from Regional NSW. Has vast experience with software development and medical data collection. He is the designer of the on-line procedural log-book / clinical diary used by IRSA.

Dr William Clark

Experienced Interventional Radiologist. 20 years of experience in using vertebroplasty for patients with acute severe pain. Author of the VAPOUR trial and IRSE representative in the MSAC vertebroplasty application.