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MSAC Vertebroplasty

Parliament will need to enact the bill before vertebroplasty is included on the Medicare schedule, so it may be 6 months or so before the MBS item becomes operational.

The MSAC-supported descriptor was:

VERTEBROPLASTY, performed by an interventional radiologist, for the treatment of a painful osteoporotic thoracolumbar vertebral compression fracture, where:

  1. a) pain is severe (numeric rated pain score ≥7 out of 10);
  2. b) symptoms are poorly controlled by analgesic therapy, namely opiates;
  3. c) fracture duration is ≤3 weeks; and
  4. d) there is MRI (or SPECT-CT if MRI unavailable) evidence of acute vertebral fracture.

IRSA Executive wishes to thank Bill Clark for his work on this application on behalf of IRSA.