IRSA State Branch Meetings/Dinners

IRSA branch meetings/dinners are educational events designed to promote the education of IR.

Expenses Guidelines

For 2018-2019 Cook Medical have agreed to continue support of these meetings, which may change in future years. For compliance reasons the IRSA Executive will now be overseeing meeting budgets and arrangements, with reimbursement being claimed via our Secretariat at

Best practice with regards to use of these funds is a prerequisite.

Attendees should be Interventional Radiologists, IR nurses, IR radiographers and IR fellows. Cook Medical representatives may be invited. Partners should not be invited.

Speakers may be non-Interventional Radiologists. Payment to speakers is not allowed, however any reasonable funding required for speakers travel expenses may be permitted. Non-IR speakers and any funding required for travel expenses will require prior approval from the IRSA executive. The funds should be used to defray costs for attendees, contribute to faculty expenses, and provide meals and refreshments for attendees.

Up to 3 meetings per state per year will be eligible for support. Any additional meetings over the 3 per year will need application and approval by Executive.

Educational Goal of Meeting/Dinner

Each meeting will provide a relevant topic in IR, providing recent evidence/cases. This will be followed by discussion and question time, together with discussion of other IR relevant issues. The IRSA Executive will approve programs for the meetings and ensure they are compliant with MTAA standards. Meetings will need to be convened in appropriate conference facilities within each capital City.

It will be the responsibility of the branch representative to;

  • Organise and book appropriate venues and catering.
  • Provide a proposed budget for the meeting (total including AV/room hire and parking not exceeding AUD $100 incl GST per head inclusive of beverages).
  • Invite attendees, providing a breakdown to Executive of who attendees will be (eg numbers of consultants, registrars and others). There should be a minimum ratio of 3 doctors to 1 non-medical attendee.
  • Medical and allied health attendees must be IRSA members. Exceptions can be made for invited speakers.
  • Provide an agenda to the Executive well in advance of the meeting (2 months prior), with proposed times, educational topics and speaker details.
  • Following completion of event, a list of attendees together with invoices for reimbursement will need to be forwarded for payment.
  • Organisers to acknowledge the support of Cook Medical at the meetings.

Any questions regarding the state dinners, should be directed to IRSA secretariat at

Download the reimbursement form for this dinner.