The Executive Committee of IRSA is made up of a volunteer panel of your peers who would very much appreciate your support with the strategic focus and work plans to support the society.

This section of the website contains documents that have been developed by the IRSA Executive Committee and require your feedback, thoughts and comments.

DRAFT IRSA Fellowship Accreditation Standards

The document was developed by IRSA over 2017/2018 as a tool to measure the experiences and quality of interventional training for radiologists seeking to sit the EBIR using the CIRSE Curriculum across Australia and New Zealand. This accreditation process was voluntary in nature and participation for the pilot was willingly offered by IRSA members and hospital departments. The outcomes of this pilot were shared with IRSA members at a dedicated presentation at the 2018 AGM.
Since the completion of the pilot, the standards have been improved and are available for members to provide comment on.

There is value in continuing to collect this data on sites.

  1. To support each other (and Fellowship trainees) and offer advice and IRSA ‘backing’ to improve training experiences (especially with hospital administration).
  2. To continue to build a database of knowledge to inform the future of IR Training.

This data is not currently available anywhere else and It would be invaluable for IRSA to continue to collect it to:

  • Identify differences in standards across sites which may compromise patient safety.
  • Identify gaps in training provision and Fellowship Trainees experiences/issues.

IRSA will continue to share this data with the profession and use it to highlight potential issues and strategic priorities with members and key stakeholders.

The DRAFT Fellowship Accreditation Standards are available for all members to download and view here. Should you have any feedback on the document, please email it to

IRSA Strategic Plan

As an identified core need, the Executive, in conjunction with Amplexa Consulting, have developed an IRSA Strategy for 2019-2020.

The Strategy document is a high level document for which IRSA can begin to identify and implement more detailed projects which support the strategy. The Strategic plan was presented at the 2019 AGM. Download the document.

All members are invited to comment on the Strategy document. Comments should be emailed to