• March 26, 2024

Last updated on March 26, 2024

CIRSE – Women in IR workshop: Leading with Authenticity and Assurance

In addition to the annual Women in IR session, CIRSE 2024 will feature a brand-new workshop format in which an experienced leadership coach will provide practical tips and tricks to help women increase their confidence to lead with assurance, yet stay true to themselves. The highly interactive workshop will focus on empowering female IRs to exude confidence, command attention, and captivate an audience when sharing ideas, speaking in meetings, or presenting.

To participate in the Women in IR workshop, applicants must:

•   be female
•   be a consultant in IR (not a trainee)
•   be mid-career (approx. 5-20 years of experience at consultant level)
•   submit the application form by May 15

Apply here to take advantage of this unique opportunity for personal and professional growth!