As advised by the Australian Department of Health, IR’s that perform Vertebroplasty are required to notify the secretariat to ensure that site ethics and governance approvals are sought and to collect the following patient data and enter it into the Registry for the purpose of reporting to the Department of Health.

The data to be collected includes:

  1. Patient name and gender
  2. Name of provider, centre and state where performed
  3. Duration of fracture before the procedure
  4. Inpatient/Outpatient status at the date the decision was made to perform the procedure
  5. Adverse affects related to vertebroplasty, requiring additional hospitalisation or additional medical treatment
  6. Opt-out rate of prospective registry participants ( please note if your patient failed to agree to participate, but do not include their data as above)

In order to ensure patient ethics and security and confidentiality over the data collected is being adhered to, IRSA have contracted Alfred Research to seek ethics and governance approval from all participating sites and to set up the Registry utilising REDCap – a secure web application for building and managing surveys and databases.

To commence your registration as a REDCap contributor, please visit this link and complete the questions.