ET 2021 – European Conference on Embolotherapy


Did you miss a satellite symposium at ET 2021 or want to revisit a topic of special interest to you? Remember that all industry content, including the seven comprehensive satellite symposia hosted by the most important players in the field, remain available free of charge via the congress platform!

ET 2021 – European Conference on Embolotherapy2021-06-24T10:28:52+10:00

Access to online JVIR – IRSA Members


Due to popular demand, IRSA members can now access the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (JVIR) online for $55AUD for the year.

Access to online JVIR – IRSA Members2021-01-28T12:52:19+11:00

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Consensus Statement


The Australian recommendations for the management of hepatocellular carcinoma were developed by more than sixty expert clinicians with the principle aim of improving the standard of care provided to patients suffering with this condition in Australia. This online, unabridged version of the recommendations provides detailed background information including technical notes.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Consensus Statement2020-12-22T10:19:32+11:00

Women in Interventional Radiology pamphlet


An information pamphlet developed by BSIR and RCR has been released to assist with providing information around Women working in Interventional Radiology

Women in Interventional Radiology pamphlet2020-12-22T09:42:41+11:00

Public Summary Document Application No. 1466 – Decision


In 2016, IRSA applied to MSAC to restore public funding for a selected patient group likely to benefit from early vertebroplasty. The application was based on the VAPOUR trial. We are pleased to announce MSAC has supported the application for the patient subgroup in the VAPOUR trial who showed greatest benefit from vertebroplasty. The decision is published on the MSAC website as a Public Summary Document (PSD).

Public Summary Document Application No. 1466 – Decision2020-08-18T09:43:26+10:00

Road Map for Advancing IR and INR in Australia and New Zealand


In March 2019, the Interventional Radiology Committee released a white paper on Interventional Radiology for consultation to College members and other key stakeholders. The document was developed with the purpose of informing the College membership and stakeholder groups of the current and long-term positioning of IR and INR in Australia and New Zealand.

Road Map for Advancing IR and INR in Australia and New Zealand2020-05-18T11:45:16+10:00
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